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It is necessary to take into account that their interests are somewhat higher than those charged by a bank, the reason is that they also run greater risks of default. It is also necessary to have security, when a specific amount of money is requested, to be able to return it within the established period of time, since this is usually very short.

The requirements to apply for a quick credit are:

  • Be of age. Some private equity companies only grant credit to people over 21, others have specific credits for 18 year olds.
  • Have monthly income. In general, it should be a stable and demonstrable income. They can come from a payroll, pension, subsidy, scholarship in the case of applying for a credit for students, income as self-employed or receiving a rent for the rental of a property.

Depending on the lender company, you will be required to show that income. Quick credits must be returned in a short time, usually in days or in a month, if credits of a greater amount of money are requested to return in a longer period of time, it will be necessary to show that monthly income will be received during the time in which the debt is valid. The amount of money borrowed will be based on the income received and the money that the client has after paying all his fixed expenses.

  • Reside in Spain permanently. This will be demonstrated by sending a copy of the DNI or NIE.
  • Have a bank account in a bank located in Spanish territory. It will be in that bank account where the money will be deposited. The reception can take 10 minutes if the bank account belongs to the same bank with which the lender works. If you need the money immediately, you should check with which banks the private equity company you are applying to work with. If you do not work with the same bank, you may receive the money after 24 hours and, if it is a weekend or holiday, it may take up to 48 hours.
  • ASNEF . Some private equity companies accept clients that are included in a list of defaulters . However, each company has its conditions, so they will consider accepting customers included in a list of defaulters depending on the amount of the debt. In general, they will not accept clients whose debt has been contracted with a financial institution of any kind.
  • Accept that the data is corroborated . The client must accept, either entering their online banking or through the method requested by the lender, that their data be corroborated. In this way, the lender ensures the applicant’s identity and recent financial history. If you access online banking, the lender will use Instantor , an application that is also used by banks and that provides a financial report. Neither Instantor nor the lender stores the client’s private data, nor can it operate in your bank account.
  • Provide a phone number. Generally, it is a phone number corresponding to a mobile phone, messages will arrive to confirm or deny the credit.
  • Use quick credits with responsibility . The quick credits, and the facilities to obtain them, were created to save specific situations. Despite how easy it can be to access them, it is not a financial product to be used as a form of regular financing.

The lenders take into account the trajectory of their clients also in the way they use their loans, in fact they can deny a credit to a client who has paid without incident their debt with them if they consider that they are using it as a form of financing regular.


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