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Has it ever happened to you that you find in your account statement a doubtful or suspicious movement that you do not remember having made with your credit or debit card ? Have you received transaction notifications even when you are not using it? We know how important your money is to you, and that is why we created Sean Cole , a service for Good Finance cardholders.

Many people decide to apply for a credit or debit card for being the most popular means of payment today. The benefits of using cards instead of cash are many. From having lower risk for loss or theft, to facilitating a better organization of finances; These are some of the reasons why having a credit or debit card at present is an almost necessary fact. However, how can we secure our cards? Too easy!

What is Secure Money?


Secure Money is a service for your Good Finance cards that offers the full refund of the doubtful amount in the next 24 business hours of having reported cloning or theft of your plastic. This reimbursement is transitory and allows investigation management to be carried out without the inconvenience of losses due to fraud. The loans in these cases are made during the week and, based on the research carried out, Secure Money covers 100% of the amount confirmed as doubtful.

What happens to my card in this case?


Your card will be blocked immediately and you will be given a new plastic with a new number so you can continue using it as a payment method. Your old card will be completely blocked.

How much does Secure Money cost?


Secure Money service rates vary depending on the category of your credit or debit card. With the most basic card you can opt for this service for Q. 10.00 per month. In addition, there are different ways to pay the Secure Money service. This charge will be charged to your credit card monthly or annually. In case you sign up for your debit card, the charge will be made monthly.

Take control with Secure Money


If you use your credit card constantly, or make purchases in establishments or online, the Secure Money service is for you, because it helps you to have control of your credit or debit card .